Frequently Asked


1What is Bitstocx?
Bitstocx's funds enable anyone to purchase bitcoin and other big cryptocurrencies directly via the customers’ bank. With Bitstocx, investors do not need to worry about the complexities and risks of buying, storing, accessing and selling cryptocurrencies. Bitstocx offers investors the possibility to invest in several cryptocurrencies in different fiat currencies. In other words, with Bitstocx the investors will benefit from the crypto market without the complexity of the blockchain and exchanges ecosystem.
2What are Bitstocx investment products?

Bitstocx offers a diversified portfolio of investment. BTC Bitstocx that follows Bitcoin performance. ETH Bitstocx that follows Ethereum performance. BCH Bitstocx that follows Bitcoin Cash performance. LTC Bitstocx that follows Litecoin performance. Top crypto that is composed of BTC (50%) - BCH (15%) - ETH (20%) - LTC (15%).

3What are the fees of Bitstocx?
For each product, the fees are mentioned into the factsheet. These fees include custody, audit, index licensing, and legal.
4Why should I own your product vs. purchasing digital assets outright?
Bitstocx made it easy for investors, hence, you can access the performance of the crypto directly from your bank account. With Bitstocx, you avoid the risk of owning yourself the cryptocurrency like losing your private key, storing critical information unencrypted, keeping your crypto on an exchange, using weak passwords, falling victim to phishing scams, downloading unknown software or installing unknown browser plugins.
5What is the lock up period of the trust?
For each product, the lockup periods are mentioned into the factsheet that is available for each product.
6How can I see the performance of my investment?
You can find your performance directly in your bank account.


1How long does it take to buy a cryptocurrency at the current price?
From the moment the order is placed by your bank, the settlement from our side is instant.
2What prices are we following?

We use the prices displayed by

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